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iridiumGo versus Thuraya Satsleeve

iridiumGo Comparison chart 

IridiumGo Comparison Chart 


Below we have attached the ability to download the IridiumGo comparison chart.

It outlines the main differences between the the Iridium Go and the Thuraya Sat Sleeve. 

Iridiumgo unlike the Thuraya sat sleeve works with all smartphone and smart devices and allows access to instant data uploads allowing you to truly access the internet or email as well as voice anywhere in the world. 

No longer do you need a satellite phone to call or connect to the mobile or land based telephone lines. The answer is as simple as the IridiumGo 

Download >>>> IridiumGo Versus Thuraya Satsleeve Chart <<<<

Download >>>> IridiumGo Versus Thuraya Satsleeve Chart <<<<



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